Constructie Advies Nederland

Welkom to Construction Advise Netherlands

At C.A.N. quality, communication and service are of paramount importance. We always try to find a suitable solution for the desired renovation in collaboration with the client, architect and / or contractor, taking into account the feasibility of the plans.

But we also try to work in an economically responsible manner by being smart with the design and if necessary we will always give advice to the architect and / or client where improvements can be made in a design.

From the very first contact up to and including the completion of the execution of the construction, we are always available with advice and support.

Core activities
Our core activities are the production of structural calculations and drawings for construction purposes. 
Particularly renovations of existing buildings, foundation repairs and new construction between existing buildings are our expertise. 
This involves the design, calculation and drawing of foundations and supporting structures in concrete, steel and wood.

The clients of C.A.N. are architectural firms, contractors and project developers. But private individuals can also contact us for calculating supporting structures and the accompanying drawings.


Our company advises on the design of new supporting structures.

This means that, in consultation with the clients, from project developer to private individual, we come up with a technically sound solution that is economically justified and feasible. The practical implementation of the construction also has high priority, so that the contractor can also agree with the solutions that we come up with.

In recent years we have realized countless projects, from small to large. Among other things, breakthroughs in intermediate walls, new foundations under canal houses and also complete new-build projects in residential and non-residential construction.

The calculations are made using the most modern calculation techniques. We have all the necessary software in house, software that is based, among other things, on the finite element method, such as 2D and 3D programs. The drawings are done with the help of AutoCAD, the drawings and calculations are published digitally, which makes the digital submission to the Building and Housing Supervision easier. Naturally, our knowledge of the current NEN-EN standards (also called the EuroCodes) and the Building Decree is optimal.

- top floor extension
- roof terrace
- dormer
- attic renovation / function change
- load bearing wall breakthrough
- ground floor extension / conservatory
- foundation repair (with basement)
- and other structural advice.

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